Decreased muscle mass

What is decreased muscle mass?

Decreased muscle mass, known medically as sarcopenia, is a common condition characterized by loss of skeletal muscle tissue, muscle strength and physical function. This can happen due to various factors like aging, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, and certain illnesses or medications.

Some key signs and symptoms of decreased muscle mass include:

The loss of muscle mass is a serious issue as it can greatly impact quality of life by affecting mobility, independence and increasing risk of injuries. Unfortunately, most people fail to recognize the problem until it is too late.

Why pay attention

Catching decreased muscle mass early and addressing the underlying causes through exercise, diet or treatment can help prevent disability. We at Balance Hormone Clinic aim to keep our communities strong and resilient. Our holistic hormone optimization programs help rebuild muscular fitness, restore vigor, improve bone health and enable healthy aging. Ask our experts how testosterone therapy or growth hormones can help get your strength back!

Root causes

While aging is the top reason behind sarcopenia, lack of physical activity and poor protein intake are major contributing factors. Chronic conditions like cancer, kidney disease, lung disease and heart failure can also accelerate muscle decline through inflammation or related weight loss.

Certain medications like corticosteroids may cause protein breakdown leading to muscle wasting over months or years of use. Our clinics offer comprehensive screening to detect nutritional gaps, hormone deficiencies or side effects that contribute to this complex condition.

Building muscle strength

The good news is decreased muscle mass can be prevented and managed through simple lifestyle measures:

Additionally, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to optimize testosterone, IGF-1, thyroid and growth hormone levels helps regain vigor and build muscle mass. We offer personalized treatments tailored to your needs - schedule a consultation today!

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