What is endurance?

Endurance is the ability to withstand or persist through difficult conditions over an extended period of time. It requires both physical stamina and mental fortitude to push through fatigue, discomfort, or pain to achieve a goal.

Some key aspects of endurance include:

Where does endurance come from? Primarily from training - stressing the cardiovascular system with long workouts teaches the body to more efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients. And exposing muscles to fatigue teaches them to better store glycogen and utilize fat stores. Mentally practicing and setting process-based goals also builds toughness.

Here are some examples of impressive feats of endurance across sports:

So in short, to me, endurance is the epic intersection of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, nourishment, and mental toughness. It empowers people to test the limits of human performance and achieve jaw-dropping feats once thought impossible. And with a bit of training, proper fueling, and maybe hormone optimization, we all can push our endurance further than we may imagine!

What are your thoughts on the wellspring of endurance? Have you tested your body's limits with any inspirational adventures recently? Feel free to share in the comments! I'd love to swap stories.

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