Estrogen dominance

What is estrogen dominance?

Estrogen dominance refers to a condition where a woman has excessive estrogens in relation to progesterone. This hormonal imbalance can develop due to several factors:

Some key signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance include:

There are a few root causes that commonly lead to this imbalance:

Environmental estrogens are estrogen-mimicking compounds that can flare up symptoms. These xenoestrogens are found in some cosmetics, foods, and plastics.

To manage estrogen dominance, it’s essential to identify and address the underlying causes with lifestyle and diet changes. Balance Hormone Clinic offers cutting-edge lab testing to get to the root of hormone imbalances. Their functional medicine doctors provide personalized treatment plans to help women rebalance their hormones naturally.

Here are some tips that can help alleviate estrogen dominance:

In some cases, targeted hormone therapy may be recommended to help oppose the effects of estrogen dominance. This may include bioidentical progesterone, DHEA, or testosterone cream.

At Balance Hormone Clinic, their holistic hormone physicians carefully evaluate each woman to determine the best natural or bioidentical hormone treatments to resolve stubborn hormonal issues like estrogen dominance. They find that when various aspects of a woman’s health are addressed, improved diet, gut health, balanced hormones, and a healthy lifestyle reinforce each other. This creates an upward spiral that helps women thrive in midlife and beyond!

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