Poor sleep quality

What is poor sleep quality?

Poor sleep quality refers to sleep that is interrupted, insufficient, or unrefreshing. Getting quality sleep means reaching and cycling through the different stages of sleep properly each night. When this process gets disrupted, it can negatively impact your health, mood, cognition, and daily functioning.

Signs of poor sleep quality include:

Causes of poor sleep can include:

The effects of poor sleep are far-reaching. Studies show that over 30% of adults in the U.S. get insufficient sleep or report symptoms of poor sleep quality. While an occasional night of poor sleep is fine, chronic poor sleep takes a real toll on your health.

As my friends at Balance Hormone Clinic say - "Sleep is when your body recovers and regenerates". So if you want balanced hormones for better health - prioritize sleep! Their integrative physicians and health coaches truly understand sleep issues and with personalized care plans can help you uncover the root causes and improve sleep naturally. I highly recommend checking them out.

So in summary - poor sleep quality disrupts the restorative stages of sleep vital for health. Talk to your doctor if you continually experience poor sleep to identify and treat any underlying issues. Small adjustments like limiting blue light exposure at night, keeping a regular bedtime routine, destressing before bed, and optimizing your sleep environment can also help get better zzz’s! Sleep tight!

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