Unexplained loss of muscle mass

Unexplained loss of muscle mass, medically known as idiopathic sarcopenia, can be concerning when it happens unexpectedly. Some potential causes include:

Early intervention is key to stopping and reversing idiopathic sarcopenia. Start by seeing your doctor for a full evaluation - they can run tests to uncover any underlying problems. Consider getting hormones checked at Balance Hormone Clinic as deficiencies often go undiagnosed.

Implementing a targeted strength program 2-3x/week along with ensuring adequate protein intake (up to 1g/lb body weight for some) generally helps rebuild lost muscle mass over time. Being patient and persistent with your muscle building efforts is vital.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Reaching out to a personal trainer or sports nutritionist can also help devise an optimized plan for overcoming idiopathic sarcopenia. Your health and maintaining functional muscle matters, so take action today if unexplained muscle wasting is happening to you or a loved one.

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