Is peptide therapy natural?

Peptide therapy involves administering specific peptides to patients to promote various beneficial effects in the body. Whether peptide therapy is considered "natural" is a complex question with arguments on both sides.
On the one hand, the peptides themselves are composed of amino acids, which are natural compounds. Many peptides used in therapy occur naturally in the human body and regulate important biological processes. In this sense, giving additional doses of these endogenous peptides could be viewed as a natural means of enhancing the body's own mechanisms.

However, there are counterarguments that peptide therapy should not be viewed as completely "natural":

So in summary, some key considerations around the "naturalness" of peptide therapy include:

When evaluating peptide therapies, it is also helpful to compare them to other medical interventions like small molecule drugs or surgical procedures. By this metric, peptides could be considered more natural as they leverage and augment innate biomolecules and pathways.

Sample peptide therapies:

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