What is the average cost of testosterone injections?

The cost of testosterone injections can vary quite a bit depending on several factors. When determining the overall costs associated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), there are a few main things to consider:

On average with insurance coverage, total weekly costs of testosterone injections tend to range from $12-30 per week on average, which would equal $624-1560 per year. The major factors that affect overall price include:

Without insurance covering testosterone or injections fees, the annual price can easily exceed $3000 for higher dose more frequent protocols.

Some additional details on factors affecting testosterone injection costs:

Type of Testosterone

Estimated Prices

As you can see even just increasing the dose amount per injection significantly increases the overall annual costs for treatment. Other prices to consider for individuals getting testosterone locally vs self injecting:

For those with insurance coverage, the telemedicine route can sometimes be cheaper for many patients even after paying out of pocket. For cash-pay patients they make TRT much more affordable compared to local clinics and anti-aging centers.

In summary, testosterone injections range from approximately $624 per year to $5200 per year depending on the dosage, frequency, type of testosterone used and administration fees involved. Using insurance coverage or reputable telemedicine hormone clinics can reduce costs substantially for patients needing long term treatment.

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