Will an estrogen blocker raise my testosterone?

Estrogen blockers, also called estrogen inhibitors or anti-estrogens, can help raise testosterone levels in some situations by blocking the effects of estrogen in the body. However, the relationship between estrogen, testosterone, and estrogen blockers is complex.

However, there are risks to using estrogen blockers just to increase testosterone:

So using an estrogen blocker is not guaranteed to increase testosterone. Outcomes depend on your age, gender, medical conditions, genetics, lifestyle habits, and more. Balance Hormone Clinic employs an integrative approach to balancing hormones for health, taking all these factors into account.

If you are concerned about low testosterone or high estrogen levels, consult a medical provider for appropriate testing and oversight. Bloodwork is important for confirming hormone imbalances. Bioidentical hormone therapy may be safer than taking oral estrogen blockers on your own.

Below are some key points about estrogen blockers and raising testosterone:

Working with a knowledgeable hormone specialist to measure blood levels and carefully adjust estrogen blocker dosing is crucial for the best results. Contact Balance Hormone Clinic to learn more about our integrative programs combining nutrition, fitness, stress management, and bioidentical hormones for both women and men seeking better health and balanced hormones.

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