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There are the HGH injections, oral sprays, natural supplements, that claim to increase the HGH levels in your body,The HGH Injection HGH injections are a synthetic substance injected into your body. These injections are typically taken two or three times a day and are very expensive.Therefore this is not a good alternative.



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(Antiaging)Hgh Hormone may turn out to be the "magic Pill or spray" we have all been

waiting for. It is unlike any weight-loss method that has ever been developed. With most regimens, you lose lean body mass along with fat, the biceps along with the belly. But your actual body shape changes very little. With growth hormone, on the other hand, many people do not lose weight on it and some actually gain weight. But they are incredibly pleased with the results. Why? Because they have shaped  their bodies, paring away the fat at the same time that they have increased their muscle mass. And because muscle weights twice as much as fat, they may weigh more but are harder and leaner than ever. Hgh hormone rebuilds the body.

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  1. Restoring muscle mass
  2. Decreasing body fats
  3. Thickening skin ,Reducing Wrinkles  
  4. Restoring lost hair 
  5. Restoring hair color  
  6. Increasing sexual function
  7. Increasing energy 
  8. Improving cholesterol profile
  9. Improving vision Improving memory
  10. Improve sleep 
  11. Elevating mood
  12. Normalize blood sugar
  13. Increasing cardio function
  14. Improving immune function

Incredible though it may seem, the slow decline in appearance and function that we call aging may not be fixed in our genes or part of human destiny. In fact, as the elderly men in a study and the men and women  in the research, aging  only can be arrested but can actually be reversed. What we now call aging appears to be due in large part to the drastic decline of growth hormone in the body after adulthood. At age twenty one, the normal level of circulating Hgh is about 10 milligram per deciliter of blood, while at age sixty one it is 2 milligrams per deciliter a decrease of 80 percent! It is growth hormone that grows the cells, bones, muscles, and organs of young children, and it is the falling levels of growth hormone after age thirty that slowly rob us of our youth.

By age seventy to eighty, according to the study, 38 percent of the population is as deficient in growth hormone as children who fail to grow normally because of their hormonal lack. But the prognosis for the failing aged person and the stunted child is equally good. As the researchers wrote in a 1991 article in Hormone Research, in terms of restoring hormonal levels, ”the elderly hyposomatotropic (Gh deficient) subject is as responsive to human  growth hormone as the Gh deficient child“, In this way the gh menopause can be reversed by exogenous HGH.

Most of what we know about growth hormone in adulthood comes from research on people who are growth hormone deficient because their pituitary glands have been damaged by disease or have been removed because of cancer. These people suffer a constellation of symptoms that look remarkably like aging. The result of growth hormone replacement in these patients, as shown in double blind, placebo controlled studies in many deferent countries around the world, have revealed that every feature associated with growth hormone deficiency can be reversed. I some cases, as you will see, the results were spectacular, with some patients going through changes almost as remarkable as they continue to take the hormone.

It is our contention that aging is, in large part, a pituitary deficiency disease. Human growth hormone deficiency due to disease or removal of the gland is very rare, affecting about the people per million annually. But insufficient growth hormone as a result of aging affects every single one of us.

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